CAPTAIN MICKEY 's Rivers of the World ----- ART GALLERY-----







Mickey Wright

CAPTAIN MICKEY 's Rivers of the World ----- ART GALLERY-----

____________________________________ Mickey Wright, "The Other Mickey" retired Jungle Cruise skipper now known as "Cappy" by Liberty, his new "happy place". In 2016 he enjoys creating wall art using photographs he personally took on Disneyland's Jungle Cruise. Using PhotoShop software he gives his photos a "change of art". ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- He (magically) also exists in 1938 as T. O. Mickey, aka "Captain M" by fellow skippers. One of the six skippers who came with Dr. Albert Falls in 1911 to start the Jungle Navigation Company, he has always enjoyed spending days off painting favorite spots along the banks of the Rivers of the World. ____________________________________ "I not only use brushes, cameras and computers in my art but a fair amount of fairy dust. And HUMOR is a primary color." Capt Mickey ____________________________________ PLEASE CLICK ON "ABOUT" BEFORE ENTERING THE GALLERY. Thank you!


You'll soon realize that rather than stroll through my exhibit, you will float through it. Just as I guided jungle boats full of guests down Disneyland's Rivers of the World, I would love to guide you through my exhibit. Glancing at my art without hearing my comments would be like floating down Jungle Cruise's rivers without hearing the skipper's cornball jokes. I encourage you to take your time, ease past each scene on the river, while you listen to my spiel (in COMMENTS).

Pick a on it... click on first picture... look at it (WHILE you read my spiel in COMMENTS). When you're done, add YOUR comment (if you want), LIKE it, SHARE it, etc... then click on NEXT to ease down the river to the next piece of art.

I hope you enjoy my gallery and return many times. If you'd like to keep up with my art news, visit and LIKE my FaceBook Fan Page:

NOTE: My art exhibit is in no way connected with Disneyland or any other Walt Disney enterprise. The only connection of myself or my art to Disney are by heart-strings.


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