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Mickey Wright

Captain Mickey's ROTWART Gallery

_Rivers Of The World Art Gallery_ Art created from photos taken on Disneyland's Jungle Cruise rivers ___________________________________ "I use paint and magic in my art and humor is a primary color." - Mickey



You'll soon realize that rather than strolling down the halls of my gallery, you will be floating. Just as I guided jungle boats full of guests down Disneyland's Rivers of the World on the Jungle Cruise attraction, I would love to guide you through my exhibition. Glancing at my art without hearing my comments would be like floating down the River on the Jungle Cruise without the skipper hitting you with cornball jokes. Even though the thought is somewhat appealing, the spiel is part of what we love about the experience!

My art is unique, first because each piece began as a photograph I personally took on the Rivers of the World.

Secondly it is unique because of the tools and materials I use. For example, I use conventional tools like cameras, computers, and paint brushes, but I always use a fair amount of fairy dust also. And in addition to RED, BLUE, and YELLOW...I use HUMOR as a primary color.

The purpose of my art is to make it possible for lovers of the Jungle Cruise to take a piece of the River home and hang on their wall. I have also created a coffee table photo book that professionally displays more than twenty of my creations in a 10 x 8 format (

If you have time, please leave comments...I love hearing from you. If you'd like to keep up with my art news, visit and LIKE my FaceBook Fan Page:

I hope you enjoy Captain Mickey's Rivers of the World Art Gallery and will return many times. Please share with others. It helps!

Note: "Capt Mickey's ROTWART Gallery" is in no way connected with Disneyland or any other Walt Disney enterprise. The only connections of Mickey and his art to Disney are by heart-strings.


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